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iiyama ProLite LHxx65 Series – outstanding performers

The new iiyama ProLite LHxx65 Series consists of various professional digital signage displays with razor...

The new iiyama ProLite LHxx65 Series consists of various professional digital signage displays with razor-sharp 4K UHD resolution. They offer an impressive brightness of 800 cd/m² for an outstandingly clear and vivid display. The displays are easy to mount in portrait or landscape format and operate around the clock without interruption. Thanks to their Android operating system, your customers easily customise them to their needs and run third-party apps, including multiple CMS platforms, with ease.

The integrated iiSignage2 (Content Management System) gives your customers full control and security over their messages and advertising remotely. The SDM slot offers an embedded PC option. The FailOver function ensures that content is always actively displayed via the inputs selected by your customers.

Thanks to the built-in (and removable) WLAN module, this iiyama ProLite LHxx65 Series is ready for the remote transmission of content via your customers' network.

Order the new iiyama ProLite LHxx65 Series from your sales representative!

Datalogic Memor 30-35 – mobile computer family with high data collection performance

With the new mobile computers of the Memor 30-35 family, Datalogic brings more versatility to your...

With the new mobile computers of the Memor 30-35 family, Datalogic brings more versatility to your customers’ workflows. Powerful wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi 6/6E and Bluetooth 5.2, a robust, handy design and extended functions make them practical multifunctional tools for indoor and outdoor use! This also includes the new Halogen DE2121-DL and DE2121-ER scan engines from Datalogic for first-class reading performance from distances of 5 cm to 10 m.

Order the new Memor 30-35 mobile computer family from Datalogic now from your sales representative!

Permanently extended factory warranty for TSC desktop printers!

What was previously an option is now standard: 3-year factory warranty on TSC desktop printers in the EMEA region* – for more security and longer print satisfaction!...

What was previously an option is now standard: 3-year factory warranty on TSC desktop printers in the EMEA region* – for more security and longer print satisfaction!

The updated warranty period from two to three years for TSC desktop printers will be effective from 1st of June 2024. Printers purchased after this date will automatically have their warranty extended to three years. However, for products purchased before this date, the warranty period will remain unchanged at two years. If that's not enough, TSC still offers the option to extend the warranty period with an additional service.

The following desktop printers benefit from the extended factory warranty:

2" thermal direct
TDP-225 Series
DH220 Series

4" thermal direct
DA210 Series
TDP-247 Series
DH240 Series

2" thermal transfer
TTP-225 Series
TH220 Series

4" thermal transfer
TH240 Series
TE200 Series
TC200 Series
TTP-247 Series
TX210 Series
T800 Series

Benefit from a 3-year factory warranty when purchasing TSC desktop printers from your sales representative!

* Excluding the Middle East and Russia

Datalogic Magellan 900i – versatile scanning add-on for the modern POS

The new Magellan 900i omni-directional presentation scanner from Datalogic brings greater versatility...

The new Magellan 900i omni-directional presentation scanner from Datalogic brings greater versatility to retail and hospitality applications. It impresses at the point of sale and service counters with Datalogic's powerful digital imaging technology. It seamlessly decodes 1D and 2D barcodes - from printed product labels to mobile coupons, loyalty cards, tickets and boarding passes. It is also suitable for throughput and presentation scanning and, thanks to its precise LED targeting system, even captures entire PLU lists or small items reliably and quickly.

Order the new Magellan 900i from Datalogic now from your sales representative!

Important information about the Epson price increase

Epson notified us about a list price increase on a very short notice, effective as of the 1st of June 2024....

Epson notified us about a list price increase on a very short notice, effective as of the 1st of June 2024. This price increase affects only consumable supplies to an amount of 2%.


Here is a breakdown of the relevant information for you:

• All new orders as of the 1st of June 2024 will be invoiced according to the new price list.

• Your orders placed until the 31st of May 2023 remain unaffected.

• All your current projects remain valid until their expiry date.


Details about SKUs as well as the exact new prices are available on request from your sales representative. Do you have questions? We are here for you and will gladly support you with our expertise and service – simply let us know how we can best support you!

Available at a super special price: Datalogic QuickScan Lite QW2100

Get the Datalogic QuickScan Lite QW2100 scanner now at incredibly favourable conditions* – and benefit from a dream deal! But beware: the promotion only runs until the end of June!

Order selected Zebra tablets and mobile computers and secure a great bonus payment!

Purchase selected Zebra mobile devices until the 31st of December 2024, sell them to new Zebra end customers, and you may be eligible for a bonus payment from Zebra. 

Secure your business edge from Zebra – all Zebra promotions at a glance!

You want to strengthen your business with Zebra and are looking for even better offers for yourself and your customers? Then you've come to the right place! Discounts, trade-ups, services and much more – here you will find all current promotions from Zebra at a glance!

Zebra Rewards – being a partner pays off!

Performance must be worthwhile again? Zebra agrees with you: that’s why the manufacturer has launched the Zebra Rewards Bonus Programme!

Get to know the new webshop!

Hurray, the new Jarltech shop is online!
The new Jarltech shop is online! With a fresh design, we offer you lots of new features that make ordering and much more even easier! 

Get to know some of the new features of the Jarltech shop: 

Greater success in label printing the Label Club and Epson C3500 bundles

Do you know what you were missing? Waterproof labels at our best Label Club prices which, combined with the Epson ColorWorks C3500 desktop colour label printer, enable you to utterly impress your warehouse and logistics customers.


TC22/TC27 Zebra mobile computers

Give your customers the best of all worlds with Zebra TC22/TC27 mobile computers! They are as handy as a smartphone, as robust as industrial equipment, as powerful as a high-class tool and as affordable as an entry-level model. Get to know these two multi-talents now!

Zebra Service
Zebra Service

In addition to comprehensive hardware, Zebra offers you strong service offerings, such as VisibilityIQ. It provides deeper, data-driven insights into Zebra mobile devices and consistently strong performance. Learn more now on our Microsite!

Zebra Printers – Without Zebra something is missing

You see the workplace of your customers and you know immediately what is missing: It is Zebra! Because Zebra printers simply can't be missing anywhere. That's why we have summarised the complete Zebra printer portfolio for you – so you quickly find the right device for your customers.

Zebra – Reliability pays off

In industry, nothing is more important to your customers than their competitiveness. With Zebra's tremendously rugged and durable barcode scanners, mobile computers, tablets, label printers, wearables and Intelligent Cabinets, they're ahead of the game. Get to know the products now!

Code Read
Honeywell 2D4U

Fast and reliable capture of damaged and hard-to-read barcodes is an impossible task for many scanners – but not for Honeywell 2D scanners! Thanks to their innovative technology and extremely fast reading speed, they are ready for any mission. Learn more about the super-innovative scanners on our Honeywell 2D4U microsite.

Zebra products for all microsite!

Zebra mobile computers and tablets are popular in all work areas. No wonder, because they stand for great technology! Get more out of your workday now and discover the extensive Zebra portfolio on our Zebra products for all microsite!

Zebra Hospitality Microsite Banner EN
Zebra Hospitality Microsite

In no other sector is service as important as in hospitality. Those who rely on Zebra improve team communication, save time for both employees and guests alike and streamline processes. Simply because Zebra makes everything easier! Learn more on our Zebra Hospitality microsite.

Citizen Printery Orchestra
Citizen Printery Orchestra

Raise the curtain for the unique Citizen Printery Orchestra. What’s so special about it? The entire ensemble consists of receipt and label printers - which not only play a special note on the big stage, but also at the POS. Listen to our printer concert and get to know the Citizen printers in the Citizen Printery Orchestra! Learn more on our Citizen Printery Orchestra Microsite.

Datalogic Captain Datalogic Microsite Banner
Super-heroic software service

Learn more about the great benefits of the »Datalogic Shield« software service from Datalogic. It protects your customers' mobile computers with regular security updates and provides them with support throughout their life cycle. A super service that pays off - extended device lifetime, reduced investment costs and comprehensive protection against security risks. Learn more on our Captain Datalogic Microsite.

Elo Microsite
Elo Touch Solutions

As the inventor of the touchscreen and global leader in touch technologies, Elo manufactures and markets a full range of interactive displays and monitors, plus offers various technologies. To see the complete portfolio, please visit our Elo vendor page.

Getac Select Microsite Banner
A configured Getac product with just a few clicks

With the Getac Select Program, it only takes a few clicks to configure the perfect Getac tablet and notebook to meet your customers’ needs! A comprehensive range of pre-defined configuration options, sorted by industry and user group, provides a quick overview of the Getac devices. Try it now! Learn more on our Getac Select Microsite.

Getac Unbeatable Microsite Banner
Getac Unbeatable

Getac's robust tablets and notebooks are simply unbeatable! Get to know the devices on our microsite »Getac Unbeatable« for different application areas and learn how to take Getac tablets and notebooks to the next level with Getac software .

Honeywell Lets Print Microsite Banner
Honeywell label printers

Among many other printer vendors, Honeywell label printers are a real alternative. And all that you need for great, smart, fast labelling. Get to know the smart Honeywell label printers from their best and most interesting sides.

The warehouse is Zebra

When you look into a warehouse, the first things you see are boxes, cartons and high racks, certainly a forklift truck and, of course, hard-working people. And what else do you see when you look closer? Exactly: Zebra! Zebra's innovative products simply belong in every warehouse!

Zebra Healthcare
Zebra – a strong partner for healthcare

In the healthcare sector one thing is particularly important: time! To ensure that medical staff have time for patients, Zebra offers a large portfolio of reliable devices with easy initial start-up and operation. On our Zebra healthcare microsite you will find all the products clearly sorted.

The Heart of Intelligent Hardware
Zebra DNA – The Heart of Intelligent Hardware

The Zebra DNA brings out the best in Zebra mobile computers, scanners and printers. It optimizes the hardware and permanently transforms and evolves the devices – for even greater efficiency and productivity wherever they are used.

TC21/TC26 Zebra mobile computers

Flexible through the daily work routine in small and medium-sized companies: With the versatile Zebra mobile computers TC21 and TC26 this is really easy! Discover together with Professor Kleinstein the work-saving devices on our microsite TC21/TC26 Zebra mobile computers.

Datalogic Handscanner Microsite Banner EN
Datalogic handheld scanners are great in every area

When Datalogic was founded in 1972, no one could have imagined how much the company would change the business world and simplify data capture. Now Datalogic's great handheld scanners and scanner technologies have become indispensable. Get to know them now!

Zebra Tablets Microsite Banner EN
Zebra Tablets – Made for everyday heroes

Whether in production, transport & logistics, in the field or in-store retail – true everyday heroes are found everywhere. And as you know, every hero needs a helpful sidekick. What could be better suited for this job than the powerful and robust tablets from Zebra?


The road to success: do we really have to get worse at everything?

Last week I had a conversation with a customer that left me speechless....

Last week I had a conversation with a customer that left me speechless. Our sales department asked me to speak to a customer on the phone who doesn’t buy from us because we supposedly supply end customers.

No problem, I thought. I called and explained that this is exactly what we don’t do, and that this is a key promise to our dealers. There are extremely rare exceptions,  – only if a vendor forces us to, or a retailer explicitly asks us to. But that almost never happens.

Then it turned out that there was a misunderstanding: the customer said that we also supply small retailers. My answer: »Yes, we do and we have to, based on our contracts with the vendors. Our competitors do that too.«

»All correct«, I hear, but then it got exciting: »Your large competitors are not interested in small customers, so they are poorly served. At Jarltech, the small dealers feel comfortable because you provide a great service.«

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry ... A customer doesn’t buy from us because our service is too good? I hadn’t expected that.

But don't worry, contrary to the headline: We will continue to endeavour to offer every customer the best service we can!


Why is good service so important again?

I'm writing to you today from China. Here I have learnt once again why good service is so important....

I'm writing to you today from China. Here I have learnt once again why good service is so important. If you want a customer to pay more than elsewhere, then you have to make the difference! You have to know what they like and anticipate their wishes. 

Here in Shenzhen is the Grand Hyatt Hotel – I was here at least six times a year before Corona – and even stored some luggage in Shenzhen, so that I only had to fly with hand luggage. Liquids and such ... that was difficult on the plane. 

It’s been over three years since I was last here, and I arrived to be greeted by an armada of hotel staff. My beloved Coke Zero was waiting for me in the car outside the airport. My luggage, which I hadn’t expected to see again, had been stored for three years and completely cleaned for my new stay. Everything was hanging in the wardrobe and the bathroom was neat and tidy. My razor was charged and my chargers stood on the desk. Of course, the fridge was full of Coke Zero and the white wine I had last drunk three years ago. Even the room service knew what I liked to eat. 

That’s what hospitality really is. And we have to do the same at Jarltech. Always write down what our customers want and like. And when I go out to dine with a customer, I need to know whether they are vegan or if they don’t like pork, for example. Some customers want to be called and courted on a weekly basis, whereas others find this rather annoying. Some still prefer paper catalogues, others believe it’s environmental pollution. And all the better if a customer returns after three years, and I still have it all written down somewhere. Jarltech may not be a hotel, but we are a service provider that has to differentiate itself The difference is always in the details.


The world's smallest chef gives a guest performance in Usingen

It's finally back on: Our 3D projection dinner show »Le Petit Chef« will be back in our restaurant »Uwe and Uli« ( from the 11th of October...

It's finally back on: Our 3D projection dinner show »Le Petit Chef« will be back in our restaurant »Uwe and Uli« ( from the 11th of October 2023 to the 30th of April 2024. Personally, I always have fun enjoying delicious food with a bit of a show. Come by sometime – it's also great for Christmas parties with up to 20 people. And if you're a customer of ours, why not have your sales contact invite you next time you visit Jarltech? 😊
Have fun with the little chef!